Delhi: Hurry Buy Tickets For 83 in ISL & Get Free Snacks!

Tickets for the Delhi screening of ISL are now open! Watch our latest video for all the details.

Hello to all the Deaf people in Delhi! 83 with ISL interpretation will be screened in Delhi on 8th January 2023. You all know this. Tickets are selling rapidly. Till now around 300 tickets have been booked. Total capacity of the hall is 630. Now only 330 tickets are remaining. Here is a good news for you. A person who wishes to remain anonymous has supported the screening by providing free snacks. Now this person wants to know the number of people. We will inform him the number of tickets booked till 30th December. Those ticket holders will be given the snacks. Tickets will be sold even after 30th December but post this date, people who buy the tickets will not be given snacks. So hurry and book your tickets before 30th December. We will inform the person about the final number of tickets sold till 30th december so that he can give you the snacks on 8th January 2023 for the 83 screening. Here is who you can contact.

Contact us for 83 Tickets:

Chintu Verma :

Ijhar Ahmad: