Announcement of Cities For 83 Movie

Now in a shocking incident caught on camera, the condition is reversed and two policemen are caught stealing a mobile phone.

Hey, You would have experienced that when you reach home, you see your brother coming back from college, getting dressed and going out. He tells you he is going for a movie with friends. Your sister does the same, going out with her friends for the movie. Your parents do the same and go out for movies with their friends. 

Similarly, we, Deaf people do go for movies with our Deaf friends. But in the movie, we just watch but do not understand anything. You and your Deaf friends are able to only understand the fight sequences and not the dialogues. While the hearing people cry over emotional dialogues, Deaf are wondering what is being said. We too wish to understand and cry, but there is no accessibility provided via Indian Sign Language in Movies. Plus, there are only a few Deaf people in the theatre full of Hearing people. We want more Deaf in Theatres. 

You know Deaf people have experienced seeing "The Kashmir Files" film with ISL in a theatre in Mumbai. What about the Deaf in other parts of India? Do you have to see it only on TV or laptop or mobiles? Can't Deaf enjoy a film having Sign Language interpretation in a theatre full of Deaf audiences where they enjoy having a tub of popcorn and interacting with each other. Is The Kashmir File the only movie? Is there no other movie with ISL?

Wait! Heard of the movie 83 which is about winning the cricket cup. Many of you would have seen and would have loved it. I have seen the movie with Sign Language interpretation. It has heartbreaking emotions, mocking, etc. You must watch it.

You can now watch the movie in Mumbai. But you would think it is difficult to come all the way to Mumbai. No! There will be shows in Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur. These are not the only places. There are more venues planned as well. Call in all your Deaf friends and come and enjoy the movie. This is the first since 2 years of Covid pandemic that the Deaf will be able to meet like before. After the movie, you can catch up with friends and enjoy. Come on everyone.

For booking and contact details, have a look at this link. link will take you to the page where you can select the venue, click book and pay.  ISH will receive the payment. After the booking, within 2 days, ISH will send you the ticket on WhatsApp. Keep it safe. When you come for the movie, you will not have to stand in long queues. It will be very quick as only the codes need to be scanned. Relax and enjoy the show.

But remember, if you cancel the booking, there will be no refund. Don't think of cancelling, do try and come, it will be useful. 

Start booking for the venue of your choice. Check out the other video for the ticket booking procedure.

It will surely be a once in a lifetime experience. It is your chance to come back from work, change and tell your family that you are going for the movie 83. Tell them it is not an old movie, but it is going to be accessible with Sign Language interpretation. Your family will be surprised and will be aware about Sign language accessibility.

Spread the message so no one misses. Come on!