Odisha Police Appoint Interpreters for Deaf Victims

The Odisha Police have decided to appoint Sign Language interpreters at all Odisha Police stations with a view to provide accessibility to Deaf victims.

There are 620 police station in Odisha. Whenever Deaf people went to the police station they would find it very difficult to communicate. Earlier when a Deaf person came to the police station, the police officials would have to communicate using gestures. The police would guess the sign and gestures and then investigate. Things would become more difficult if the Deaf person could not write. The police are not trained to communicate with Deaf people.Now Odisha State Government for the first time has appointed Indian Sign Language interpreters in Odisha police stations. These interpreters will help Deaf victims communicate at police stations and courts.

State commissioner for persons with disabilities Sulochana Das said, The government has appointed 12 interpreters at the moment. The interpreters will help the police write FIRs of Deaf Victims. The interpreters will have to go to court along with the Deaf person. They help in communication. The government has contacted many institutions that give training on sign language.They have received 12 names of Sign Language Interpreters. They will soon finalise their appointment and salary. The government said that It is difficult for us to pay interpreters monthly as there are few cases related to deaf people. They will be paid per case and will be called when there is a new case. The Odisha Government aims to make all police stations disabled friendly.