Actor Sudha Chandran Asked to Remove Prosthetic Leg

Recently, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has issued draft guidelines to make flight travel more disabled friendly.

Recently, the Ministry of Civil Aviation introduced guidelines for the aviation sector (airlines and airports). They did this to make sure that disabled people can travel easily. 

Few days ago, actor and dancer Sudha Chandran posted a video on social media. In the video she spoke about the trouble she has to go through every time she travels by flight. She has a prosthetic leg. Every time she travels by flight, she is made to take off her prosthetic leg for security reasons. This causes her great inconvenience. 

According to these new guidelines, the security agency needs to conduct security checks keeping in mind the passengers dignity and privacy. 

Most airports have the CISF conducting their security checks. The guidelines state that the CISF should use X-ray, visual checks, explosion tracing devices etc. Passengers with prosthetics etc will be taken to a private screening point, and made to sit comfortably. There, they will also have a pat-down screening. Any prosthetic which has an additional foam padding will have to go through an x-ray screening. 

Passengers using insulin pumps, cochlear implants etc, will not have to disconnect them for the x-ray screening. Disabled passengers should inform their airline 48 hours before departure so that necessary arrangements can be made. In case a service animal needs to be brought on the plane, the passenger needs to inform the airline. 

The guidelines also said that airlines should revamp their policies to include the disabled. Disability awareness training also needs to be conducted regularly.

The Civil Aviation Ministry has given three weeks for people to send their comments and suggestions. These will be considered in the final guidelines.