IFD Hosts Islamic Deaf Conference in Hyderabad

IFD hosted a Deaf conference in Hyderabad which focuses on providing accessibility to Deaf Muslims. Watch the video to learn more.

IFD stands for stands for ‘Interactive Foundation for the Deaf’. They held a programme in Hyderabad which was organised by Mint Foundation for the Deaf (MFD) and the Islamic Awareness of the Deaf. This programme was aimed at providing accessibility to Deaf Muslims. Organisers invited four leaders from each state to discuss the terms in the Holy Quran and translate it into Indian Sign Language. 

Aqil Chinoy, the ISH News Representative met Fasith Rahman the General Secretary of IFD. Fasith gave a detailed explanation about IFD efforts in explaining the meaning of the Quran to the Deaf community. For the first time IFD will make groups and send them for Umrah along with a Deaf teacher so that they understand all the historical facts clearly. Fasith also stressed the importrance of ISL trained interpreters at all Muslim presentations so that Deaf Muslim receive full accessibility. 

Aqil also interviewed the enthusiastic Abdul Ashfaq, who is the Director of MFD which stands for Mint Foundation Deaf. He said that his aim behind this organisation was to invite leaders to raise awareness among the Deaf Muslim youth. Mo.Shafique the Coordinator of India Sign language spoke about the rules of the workshop and the importance of translating terms of the Quran in Sign Language. 

ISH News is honoured to be invited to this programme. We are happy to see this association working hard for the Deafr community.