BMB Hosts Accessibility Programme For Deaf & Families

Badhir Mandal Bhavnagar is hosting their first programme on 2nd February 2020. Watch the video for all the information

For a long time there has been no Deaf Association in Bhavnagar. Sign Name Badhir Mandal Bhavnagar is the first Association to be setup for the Deaf in Bhavnagar. Its President is Manan Shah and General Secretary is. They are hosting their first programme on 2nd February 2020. Timings 1:30pm to 7:00pm. 


It will be held at Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Deaf Leaders will come to Present lectures. 


  1. Dr Alim Chandani Founder/CEO of Access Mantra will give a lecture about Misconceptions of Accessibility for the Deaf in Educational Institutions. 


  1. Rajesh Ketkar, Project Director of MBM, will give a lecture on SIgn Bilingual Education in Action. 


  1. Sunil Sahasrabudhe, Founder & Designated Partner of SIGNEX, will give a lecture on Ignorance is NOT Bliss. 


  1. Manan Shah Founder/CEO of DDF & President of BMB will give a lecture on Deaf Culture ISL Poetry. 


Are you excited to attend their lectures? There will be so much to learn?  If you want to attend, the entry fees are Rs 100. Please remember, once you pay there is no refund. BMB is not responsible for lost item.