Chennai: Hurry Buy Tickets For 83 in ISL!

Tickets for the Chennai screening of 83 with ISL are now open! Watch our latest video for all the details.

Hello everyone! Today I am going to tell you about the 83 with ISL movie screening. We have held screenings across India and people thoroughly enjoyed it.However some places are yet to see the movie. Well I am here to give you an update. The latest screening is in the south! It is in Tamil Nadu's Chennai. When is it and what are the timings? Ticket price? How exciting! So whom do you contact? 

So you can contact these people. So hurry and book your tickets.  Don't wait till the last moment otherwise the tickets will get sold out and you will really regret it. So make sure you book your tickets in advance. So that you can enjoy the movie. Here are some rules. There will be no cancellations or refunds. If you want to cancel the ticket, you can exchange it with your friends. I strongly advise you to not cancel the tickets. The movie is fully accessible and you will fully enjoy it! You will get to meet ISH team members as well!

*Contact us for 83 Tickets:*

1. Name : Santhosh Kumar *(Chennai)*

2. Name : Ramakrishna *(Chennai)*

3. Name : Waqas Naseem *(Chennai)*

4. Name : Mrs. Devthi *(Chennai)*

5. Name : A. Muralidhar *(Tiruvallur)*

6. Name : S. Shankar *(Chengalpattu)*

7. Name : Badri Narayanan *(Kanchipuram)*