Paper Tickets for the Movie 83 in Mumbai

Deaf in Mumbai will now be able to book physical paper tickets for the movie 83 with sign language interpretation

ISH News had informed exciting news about movie 83 being released with sign language interpretation on 13th November 2022.  The tickets to see the movie in an auditorium had to be booked online. We got several calls stating that they did not know how to pay online and asked us to help. Since it is not possible to help so many Deaf, the ISH team has good news for you. Many of you find it comfortable to buy paper tickets and pay cash.

Here are the names of people from whom tickets can be purchased: 

1. Prakash Khairnar can be contacted on a video call to discuss. He will be available from 10am to 6pm. You can meet him and pay cash to purchase the ticket. Prakash Khairnar

2. Akshay Mandhare is  responsible for issuing physical paper tickets. You can video call and discuss with him where and when to meet to purchase the tickets. Akshay Mandhare

3. If you are from the Central line, you can contact  Vijay Naik and Shriram Bhandari from OKVS, Dombivli for the tickets. You can contact and meet them at Dombivli or any other station of your convenience.  Shriram BhandariVijay Naik

4. India Deaf Society (IDS) - On 5th November 2022 from 5pm to 7pm at Andheri, one of the ISH staff would be available with the tickets. You can purchase the tickets at

Nityananda Marg Municipal Primary School Sahar Rd, Near Garware Plastic, Koldongri, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400069

5. Bombay Foundation of Deaf Women (BFDW) has their election on 6th November 2022 from 3pm to 5pm. Tickets can be purchased after the elections. At Kamani Chambers, 2nd Floor, Ramji Bhai, Kamani Marg, Ballard Estate, Mumbai 400 038

Remember not to call for random reasons. If you are sure to buy the tickets, you can video call the concerned people as it saves time.

Senior citizens would be given front seats so that they have no problem watching the movie.

Charges for the front seat are 280 while the ones at the back are 230

You may have already seen the movie 83 with subtitles and do not wish to see it again with sign language interpretation. But with excellent sign language interpretation, you will understand the entire movie, the hardships etc along with the emotions. You all should come. Even the Deaf women who think that cricket is a men's game should come. When you see the movie, you will feel the emotions and have tears in your eyes.

Another good news is that light snacks would be provided after the movie.

Share the message! See you all on 13th November 2022.