Purple Exhibition

Purple Fest 2024's Purple Exhibition spotlights global innovations in accessibility and inclusivity for individuals with disabilities.

Purple Fest 2024 is not just about captivating the mind but also the heart.  Purple Fest 2024’s Purple Exhibition will captivate your hearts through the wide range of scientific and artistic wonders it has to offer. These wonders range from the latest aids & appliances to most recent innovations in the field of accessibility and products for PwDs by scientists, techies and artists from all around the world.

The Purple Fest 2024’s Purple Exhibition includes:

  1. Purple Bazaar - Inclusivity products and services exhibition 

  2. Assistive Advances Expo by GATEC - Showcasing of Aids and Appliances by different organizations

  3. Purple Sarkar (DEPwD Pavilion) - Stalls by government organizations 

  4. Divya Kala Mela - Handicrafts and products made by PwDs

  5. Ability in Disability by UN - Stalls by NGOs

So, don’t forget to check out all the latest updates & innovative products & services at Purple Fest 2024’s Purple Exhibition because I'm sure you’ll find some very useful things for yourself as well as for others.