Goa: Hurry Buy Tickets For 83 in ISL!

Tickets for the Goa screening of ISL are now open! Watch our latest video for all the details.

A lot of people in different parts of the country were excited about movie 83 with ISL interpretation. One such place known for its beaches,  too wanted a screening! That's Goa! The screening will be held in Goa's Panjim.

Wow! Exciting! When? Have a look! The date is soon approaching. The host is organizing the programme from 9am to 6pm and the movie 83 with ISL is a part of this event from 2pm to 6pm. Are you all excited? Then come on. You can contact them for the tickets.

Let me tell you some rules. If after booking the tickets, you want to cancel, we will not give a refund. Instead of cancelling, you can exchange it with your friends. Don't miss the opportunity to watch 83 with ISL translation as you will be able to experience the proud and emotional moment of our country's victory. You all should come for the movie. You will also get a chance to meet and interact with the ISH staff. So come on!

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