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Ratan Tata Visits Taj Hotel in Tata Nano

The Tata Trusts Chairman has won the Internet yet again by arriving at one of his own hotels in Mumbai in a Tata Nano even without any of his bodyguards or security forces- Watch full story

A Male Student Harassed by for Wearing Feminine Outfit

Pulkit Mishra- A college student took out his instagram inorder to reveal a shocking event where he was harassed for wearing his own choice of clothes to his own college- Watch full story

PM’s Convoy Gets New Mercedes Worth Rs 12 Crore

The Prime Minister's convoy has got a new Mercedes Maybach S 650 Guard which can withstanding blasts and bullets

Bank Security Guard Shoots Customer For Not Wearing Mask

A private security guard shot and injured a customer inside a bank in Uttar Pradesh's Bareilly district. Watch our latest video to learn more.

MP Couple Install Guards & Dogs to Protect Mango Trees

A couple in Madhya Pradesh has deployed four guards and six dogs to prevent the theft of two mango trees. Watch our latest video to learn more!

Patient Dies After Security Guard Performs Surgery

At a Pakistan hospital an ex-security guard posed as a doctor and performed surgery on an old lady who died 2 weeks after the surgery.

Women Guard MP Village to Control COVID Infections

As the rest of the country grapples with a deadly pandemic and COVID-19 numbers continue to rise, this village in Madhya Pradesh has managed to keep the virus at bay.

25,000 Troops Pour into Washington For Biden’s Inauguration

Thousands of military personnel guarding Joe Biden’s inauguration as US president are being vetted by the FBI amid fears of an insider attack.

Child Raped in COVID Isolation Ward

A minor girl has allegedly been raped inside the Covid-19 isolation ward of the Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) by a private security guard.

USA Kills Iran Leader Qassem Soleimani

Qasem Soleimani, was the top commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was assassinated by the USA in a military Airstrike at the Baghdad airport. Watch the video for further details.

Breathe Pure Air At Nashik Railway Station

Airo Guard has collaborated with the Indian Railways to start an ‘Oxygen Parlour’ at Nashik Railway Station. Watch our video to learn more about this unique initiative.

Odisha Hospitala Appoints Transgender Security Gaurds

Under this scheme, to empower the LGBTQIA+ community members, the authorities in Malkangiri District Headquarters Hospital (DHH) have appointed five transgender individuals as security guards.

Dhoni on Patrol Duties in J&K

Amidst a lot of controversy Dhoni’s request to work with the army has been accepted. He will serve in the army’s Parachute Regiment and will carry out patrol and guard duties in Kashmir.

IAF Gets New Apache Helicopter

The Indian Air Force received its first Apache Guardian attack helicopter from Arizona, United States.

Men Permitted to Board Women's Compartment

Home Guards deployed in trains for women safety have begun allowing men to board compartments reserved specially and only for women

Half the Reward

When Guard did not allow Mahesh Das to enter Akbar’s court on the condition that Guard should get half of rewards given to Mahesh, Mahesh used his wit.