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Interpreter Irfan Denied Bail For Forceful Conversion of Deaf to Islam

The Allahabad High Court recently upheld the order of denial of bail to interpreter Irfan Khan who is accused of forcefully converting Deaf to Islam.

Pakistan: Hindu Girl Killed For Refusing Conversion & Marriage

A Hindu girl was murdered for declining a marriage proposal in the Sukkur district of Sindh, a province in Pakistan.

ATS Arrest Vadodara Man in Connection to Conversion Racket

Salahuddin Sheikh was nabbed in a joint operation by the Gujarat and UP ATS in Gujarat in connection to the conversion racket.

Umar Gautam’s Family vs Uttar Pradesh ATS

Mohammed Umar Gautam, is the man in the middle of the ‘religious conversion racket’. However, his family believes he is being framed. Watch our latest video to learn more.

Deaf Youth Ragib Alam Questioned by ATS in Conversion Racket

Uttar Pradesh ATS interrogate Ragib Alam a Deaf youth from Muzaffarpur, Bihar in the Islam conversion racket.

Story of Deaf Man Aditya Gupta Who Converted to Islam

Aditya Gupta, 24, a Deaf man from Kanpur has also been a victim of forced conversion to Islam. Watch our latest video to learn all about his story!

Deaf Man & Interpreter Arrested By ATS

Sleuths of Uttar Pradesh’s Anti-Terrorists Squad have arrested an interpreter, a Deaf man and another man in connection to a religious conversion racket. Watch our latest video to learn more.

Yogi Slaps NSA On Duo Who Converted Deaf to Islam

Yogi Govt Slaps NSA On Kingpins Of Forced Conversion Racket Who Converted Deaf children to Islam.

Story of Umar Gautam Who Converted Deaf to Islam

Mohammad Umar Gautam who converted deaf to Islam was born as a hindu who converted to Islam himself. See the video to know more about him.

Two men Forcefully Convert Thousands of Deaf to Islam

The Uttar Pradesh ATS has arrested two men involved in forcefully converting thousands of Deaf individuals.

Bisexual Girl Commits Suicide Due to Conversion Therapy

Anjana Hareesh was from Kasaragod Kerala and was found dead in Goa on May 12. She was 21 years old.