Story of Deaf Man Aditya Gupta Who Converted to Islam

Aditya Gupta, 24, a Deaf man from Kanpur has also been a victim of forced conversion to Islam. Watch our latest video to learn all about his story!

Aditya Gupta, 24, a Deaf man from Kanpur has also been a victim of forced conversion and he had changed his name to Abdul. He had been missing from the house for several months. He returned home a few days back. Newspaper Dainik Bhaskar wanted to know his story and asked him 5 questions with the help of a Sign Language interpreter. 

Here is what transpired during the interview: 

1. Who first inspired you to convert? 

A year ago, a teacher who came to give training at Jyoti Deaf School in Bithoor, Kanpur motivated him to convert to Islam. After this, resident Mohd. Wasif had contacted him through Messenger and Telegram. After this, on the pretext of getting a job and marriage, he got converted. 

2. What did he do during his conversion?

He was first taught the Kalma after which he was converted. After this I was circumcised by paying 2000 rupees. After this he also gave me a certificate of conversion.

3. Where did you go first after running away from home and what did you do?

After secretly converting in Kanpur, he was first sent to Mohammad Umar Gautam and Mufti Qazi Jahangir Qasmi in Delhi. From here he was sent to Kerala. Umar and his team were constantly attached to him. Along with funding, he was also given a private job there. 

4. What work were you doing?

I was sent to Kerala and got a small private job. I had made many friends there, who were from Delhi, Haryana, Aligarh and other places. Now I was given a target to inspire other deaf people to convert. 

5. Have you been trained anywhere in Kanpur city?

Classes are held every Sunday at Halim Muslim College in Chamanganj, Kanpur. Where people are motivated to convert to Islam. I also attended many classes before converting.

These were the questions asked by Dainik Bhaskar. According to ATS officers who reached Kanpur it has come to light that by converting the Deaf, Mufti Qazi Jahangir Qasmi and Mohammad Umar Gautam wanted to use the Deaf as tools in some big terrorist conspiracy. They were training the Deaf to be absolutely fanatic towards religion. However, before anything could happen, the conversion racket was exposed and Mufti Qazi Jahangir Qasmi and Mohammad Umar Gautam who were the mastermind of the racket, were arrested. According to Dainik Bhaskar, Aditya has been so brainwashed that he still doesn't want to stay in his house. He considers other Maulanas, including Umar, as his master. He is ready to do anything on his request.   

However, ATS Kanpur unit in-charge Pankaj Awasthi did not give any official statement in this regard. Official statement will be given only after the investigation is over. 

As per Dainik Bhaskar’s report, in the interrogation of the ATS, Aditya said that the National Deaf Association of Delhi has links to the conversion gang. He was first called to the NDA on the promise of a good education and job. After this, there was the lure of marriage and money after converting there. Aditya said he is not the only one who has been a victim of conversion after joining NDA. There are many children like him who converted to Muslim religion after joining NDA.

ATS team questioned Aditya's mother Lakshmi Devi and father Rakesh Kumar, then it came to know that Aditya had also brought some religious books. He used to read it secretly at home. During interrogation, Aditya showed a photo of a young man on Facebook. He said that they were trying to convert the boy in Aligarh and the boy and also agreed. As soon as this information was received, the ATS contacted the Aligarh Police. Now information regarding conversion will also be taken from him to find out who are the people behind the conversion racket.