Deaf Youth Ragib Alam Questioned by ATS in Conversion Racket

Uttar Pradesh ATS interrogate Ragib Alam a Deaf youth from Muzaffarpur, Bihar in the Islam conversion racket.

As per our last video, you all know that the UP ATS arrested 3 more people in relation to the  illegal conversion racket. They had arrested Mannu Yadav (Deaf) , Irfan Khan (interpreter) and Rahul Bhola (Deaf). Irfan is an interpreter and has also met PM Modi. Modi had appreciated his work as a Sign Language Interpreter. After his arrest in the conversion racket, his family was shocked and have said that Irfan is being framed. The police learnt that the 3 were working with Mohammad Umar Gautam and Mufti Qazi Jahangir Qasmi to convert people to Islam. The ATS found that the accounts of Umar Gautam and his family members used to receive funding from abroad. Along with Islamic countries, huge funds came from Canada into their account. Umar Gautam has also received money from Markazul Ma’arif - an organization of Assam. 

Now there is a connection to the conversion case in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Aditya Gupta, a Deaf student at Jyoti Deaf School in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, left Hinduism and converted to Muslim religion. Ragib Alam, a Deaf man, used to teach in the same school as a teacher. That is why the questioning is being done on the basis of suspicion. UP ATS is interrogating all the Muslim teachers of the Jyoti Deaf School in Kanpur. The UP ATS had to go to Muzaffarpur to question Ragib Alam. Ragib’s father Iftkar Alam is the head of the Hathauri Panchayat. He accompanies his son when the ATS questioned him to help in communication as Ragib is Deaf. 

Iftakhar Alam told that Ragib, studied class 10th from Patna, I.Com from Indore. He has completed his education in English, Hindi and Computer from a school in Noida. From there he was sent to Jyoti Mook Deaf School, Kanpur as a teacher in a deaf school. Where he had served as a teacher in 2018-19. After 2019, Ragib left the school in Kanpur. Ragib was interrogated by ATS for 4 hours. The ATS has also seized Ragib's mobile and laptop. Ragib and his father have been asked to appear at the ATS office in Noida within three days.