Interpreter Irfan Denied Bail For Forceful Conversion of Deaf to Islam

The Allahabad High Court recently upheld the order of denial of bail to interpreter Irfan Khan who is accused of forcefully converting Deaf to Islam.

Last year we brought you the news that UP police A.T.S. had got information that some anti-national people and religious organizations, on the orders of Pakistan’s ISI and foreign organizations, are  getting people converted in Islam by getting funds from foreign countries for this purpose. An FIR was registered regarding the illegal conversion racket. It was found that one Umar Gautam was the kingpin and manipulated people to convert to the Muslim religion. He converted about 1000 non-muslims and married them with Muslims. 

It was found that Gautam had created a gang to fulfill his aim. Irfan Khan, who was working as an Interpreter in Sign Language Training and Research Centre, (ISLRTC)  New Delhi, was an important person in this gang. Irfan helped Gautan to convert people to Islam. He too was arrested. These were the people arrested: Umar Gautam (hearing), his son  Abdullah Umar (hearing),  Mufti Qazi Jahangir Qasmi,  Mannu Yadav aka Abdul Mannan (Deaf), Irfan Khan (interpreter) and Rahul Bhola (Deaf). 

After their arrest, the police started investigation and collecting material and evidence against the accused persons kile Umar Gautam, Irfan and others. After all the evidence was collected, the police filed a chargesheet. The accused have been charged under many Sections of I.P.C and many Sections U.P. Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Ordinance, (Act). Irfan applied for bail, which was denied by the lower court (district court), and therefore, he moved to the Allahabad High Court. The UP Government supported the denying of bail and said that he would tell students that since he is working with the Central Government at ISLRTC he is was told by the govt to convert students to Islam. The Allahabad High Court recently upheld the order of the lower court and denied bail to Irfan. Justice Ramesh Sinha and Justice Brij Raj Singh said that the case is very serious and the police have found many strong proofs against Irfan. 

The judges said that Irfan was involved in forceful conversation by misusing his official position while working in the Sign Language Training and Research Centre (ISLRTC), New Delhi. The court also said that he persuade Deaf students to convert to Islam by explaining them in Sign Language. The Court also said that there is proof of a huge sum of money in the personal bank accounts of Umar Gautam, Abdullah Umar, son of Umar Gautam for running the activities of the Islamic Dava Centre for conversion purposes. Seeing all these proofs, the judges said that they did not find any good reason to grant bail to Irfan and  dismissed Irfan’s plea and upheld the order denying him bail.