Story of Umar Gautam Who Converted Deaf to Islam

Mohammad Umar Gautam who converted deaf to Islam was born as a hindu who converted to Islam himself. See the video to know more about him.

The Uttar Pradesh police’s Anti-Terrorism Squad busted a religious conversion racket and arrested two people in the case. The two men were Mufti Qazi Jahangir Qasmi and Mohammad Umar Gautam. The duo would manipulate and convert Deaf, women, elderly, etc. by tempting them with jobs, marriage, etc. Now some new information has emerged about Mohammad Umar Gautam.  

Mohammad Umar Gautam was not born a Muslim. He was actually a hindu who converted to Islam himself. He was actually born in 1964 in a royal Rajput family from Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh and his name was Shyam Prasad Singh Gautam. MUG was a distant relative of former Indian Prime Minister V P Singh. In 1984, Gautam met a man named Nasir Khan in his neighbourhood in Pratapgarh. During that time, Gautam had met with an accident and could not go to college. Khan helped Gautam in attending classes. He also took Umar Gautam to a hospital and brought meals. Khan being a devout Muslim, provided books and scriptures on Islamic beliefs to Gautam. Gautam diligently read all the books provided by Khan. In 1986, two years after he met Khan, Mohammad Umar Gautam renounced his Hindu faith and converted to Islam. Soon after he embraced Islam, he converted his wife and later his mother. His wife’s name was Rajesh Kumari and he changed her name to Razia after conversion. From there, started his inexorable quest to convert others to Islam. His full family disowned him after they came to know he got converted to Islam and changed his name. 

Gautam used every possible means to manipulate his victims to bring them into the fold of Islam. Gautam used to highlight “caste discrimination” among Hindus to influence people and instilled hatred among them towards other religions. Aligarh Muslim University in 2018 felicitated Mohammad Umar Gautam with an award for spreading Islam and converting people. 

Police have accused Gautam and his accomplice of trying to create hate in the minds of the victims for their original religion to convert them to Islam.