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Man Who Raped & Murdered 6yr Old Commits Suicide

Pallakonda Raju, accused in the case of rape and murder of a six-year-old girl, was found dead on the railway track in Warangal, Telangana.

Magician Returns with His Nifty Card Tricks

Our favorite Magician is back his infamous deck of cards. Don’t be fooled by the ordinary looking card, the Magician will not fail to surprise you with his amazing tricks!

Magician Pulls out Treasures out of Thin Air

Watch the Magician pull over hidden treasures out of thin air with his ordinary looking props.

Interview with Organisers of “4th Deaf Cricket Tournament”

ISH News interviews Mahesh Pawar the President of Kalina Cricket Sanstha Deaf (KSCD) and Raju Chauhan the General Secretary of Mumbai Association Cricket Deaf (MACD). These two were responsible for th

Twisty Ropes and Their Magical Qualities

The Magician has three ropes in the color of the Tricolour. He manages to pull off a wonderful trick with just the ropes and his sleight of hands.

The Mystical Story Book

Our extremely talented has once again managed to outdo himself. He has managed a wonderful trick using a simple story book.

The Magician Enchanting Flower

The magician is back again with a very nifty trick up his sleeve. This time he stuns a little boy with an enchanted flower.

The Magical Feather Tiara

The Magician stuns two little boy with a trick using a feather tiara.

The Magical Photo Frame

The Magician plays a very funny trick using a magical photo frame.

The Missing Handkerchiefs

The Magician’s stuns Harshali and Payal with his trick on the handkerchiefs.

The Unusual Cup of Water

The Magician stuns a little girl with his trick on the unusual cup of water.

The Magician's Magical Cloth

The magician shows us a cool trick using 3 pieces of colorful cloth.

The Magicians Mysterious Rope

The magician confuses two children with showing tricks using a rope.

Introduction | Magic

Aqil Chinoy makes an announcement of the new video: Magic Show and introduces Mr. Raju Kamatkar, one of India's deaf magician.