Interview with Organisers of “4th Deaf Cricket Tournament”

ISH News interviews Mahesh Pawar the President of Kalina Cricket Sanstha Deaf (KSCD) and Raju Chauhan the General Secretary of Mumbai Association Cricket Deaf (MACD). These two were responsible for th

The “4th Deaf Cricket Tournament” was organised by Mumbai Association Cricket Deaf (MACD) and Kalina Cricket Sanstha Deaf (KCSD). ISH representative Vicky Shah interviewed Mahesh Pawar the President of KSCD and Raju Chauhan the General Secretary of MACD.

During the interview President Mahesh Pawar said that for the last three years, KCSD always held independent matches. This year for the first time they partnered with MACD. They did so because they wanted to conduct cricket tournaments at a national level. MACD has superior contacts and helped carry out the advertisement for the event. General Secretary Raju Chauhan said that he is glad their organisation could support provide them a platform to carry out the tournament successfully. The cricket tournament was a huge success and both the organisations enjoyed working with each other.