Introduction | Magic

Aqil Chinoy makes an announcement of the new video: Magic Show and introduces Mr. Raju Kamatkar, one of India's deaf magician.

Aqil Chinoy wishes to announce a special video, guess what? A Magic Show.

Normally, you see magics performed by hearing people everywhere, but today Aqil is pleased to welcome a deaf magician. His name is Mr. Raju Kamatkar and he has been performing magic for 22 years not only to the deaf but also hearing audiences. 

As Aqil wonders where the magician is, the magician appears out of thin air and greets him. Aqil is pleased to tell him that you all are expecting his magic tricks. Aqil also requests to be teleported to his friend's wedding reception since it is late and the traffic will delay him further. The magician casts a spell and sends him away. 

The magician performs a pose for the audience to remember.