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Gurugram: 5 Vomit Blood After Eating Mouth Freshener at Café

A group of friends screamed in pain and vomited blood after they were served dry ice as mouth fresheners at Gurugram’s Laforestta Cafe. A video of the same has gone viral on the internet.

Gurugram Collects Rs.75 Lakh Fine Using Traffic Drones

The deployment of traffic surveillance drones by the Gurugram Traffic Police department has resulted in the issuing of 8,377 fines amounting to a total of ?74,92,900 since 1st December 2023.

Gurugram Man Seen Doing Pushups On a Moving Car

Man doing pushups on car roof?! Really? Not just a car roof, a moving car roof! No regard to safety or traffic violations? What is happening?

Man Rapes Mother and Forces Her to Commit Suicide

A court in Haryana's Gurugram sentenced a man to rigorous life imprisonment "till his death" for raping his mother and abetting her suicide.

Gurugram Horror: 2-Year-Old and 14-Year-Old Raped

In incidents that can be labelled ‘Gurugram Horror’, a 14-year-old minor, and a 2-year-old baby girl, were raped in two separate incidents. Check out the

Woman Locks Self and Son for 3 Years In Fear of Covid-19

Due to extreme fear of contracting COVID-19, a woman locked herself and her minor son in their house in Gurugram's Chakkarpur for three years.

Gurugram Couple Torture 14 Year Old Girl

A domestic help was rescued from her employer's house in Gurugram late last evening - where she suffered horrific abuse over the last few months.

Air India Flights Gets Stuck Under Delhi Bridge

A huge Air Indian plane was stuck underneath a foot overbridge at the Delhi-Gurugram highway near Delhi airport.

Bharat Bandh 2021: Traffic Jams at Gurugram-Delhi Border

The 'Bharat Bandh' today called by farmer unions have caused major traffic snarls in the country. Watch our latest video for more details.

Jack Ma Ordered to Appear in Indian Court

Founder of Alibaba, billionaire Jack Ma has been summoned by the Gurugram District Court over allegations of censoring content and spreading fake news.