25th Garba & Dandiya Celebration in Ahmedabad

The 25th Garba & Dandiya Celebration was held in Ahmedabad and it was enjoyed by more than 800 participants. Watch the video to see all of them in their beautiful dresses enjoying the spirit of Navrat

The Ahmedabad Behra-Munga Mitra Mandal have organised the 25th Garba & Dandiya Celebration in Ahmedabad. ISH News representatives were invited to attend the programme. For the programme more than 800 Deaf individuals attend from all over India. 

ISH News representatives interviewed organising secretary Nirmala Chopra, Advisors Roshan Jain and G.N.A. Munshi. They also interviewed Deaf entrepreneurs who were selling their goods at the event. Participants were beautifully dressed beautifully in different costumes. There were competitions held and people had a lot of fun.  

Deaf leaders such as Rajesh Ketkar, Rajesh Vora and Arti Umrotkar were interviewed. They expressed their awe about the ahmedabad event and its benefits for the Deaf community.