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Viral Videos Create Problems Between Hindus & Muslims?

In a shocking incident, an infuriated man, identified as Abdul, went on a rampage against his neighbours residing in the same locality for allegedly keeping garbage outside his house.

Alwar Maharaja Used Rolls Royce To Collect Garbage

Maharaja of Alwar Jai Singh was a very rich King. Watch our latest video to know all about it.

MLA Dumps Garbage on Man in Mumbai

Shiv Sena MLA Dilip Lande made Narpat Kumar sit in the flooded road and asked people to dump garbage on him.

Garbage Cafe: Plastic Lao Khana Khao

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has intensified its unique green initiative to protect the environment by setting up 23 more 'Garbage Cafes' where free meals can be availed on deposit of

The Dirtiest Garbage in the World

A hilarious joke about two men who discover the dirtiest garbage in the watch. Watch the video & enjoy!

25th Garba & Dandiya Celebration in Ahmedabad

The 25th Garba & Dandiya Celebration was held in Ahmedabad and it was enjoyed by more than 800 participants. Watch the video to see all of them in their beautiful dresses enjoying the spirit of Navrat

Mookbadhir Association Host Dandiya & Garba in Nashik

Mookbadhir Association in Nashik has organised the 1st Dandiya and Garba programme for the Deaf. Watch the video for all the exciting details.