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Woman Turns Green Like Shrek After Using Fake Tan

In England, a lady’s skin turned green after using a dark fake tan. She joked that looked like Shrek.

Health Benefits of Green Cardamom/ Elaichi

All of us have seen and eaten cardamom atleast once in our lives. Did you know about its benefits? Let us tell you!

Amazing Health Benefits of ‘Singhara’ - Water Chestnuts

With the arrival of the monsoon, you are also likely to spot vibrant, green hued water chestnuts. Commonly known as ‘Singhara’ in Hindi. Watch our latest video to learn about its health benefits.

Man Infected with ‘Green Fungus’ in Madhya Pradesh

A Covid survivor in Madhya Pradesh has been infected with 'Green Fungus' - possibly the first such reported case in the country.

4 Excellent Uses of Tea Bags

Teabags are one of the most common pantry items. Watch our latest video to learn how you can use up all the goodness from tea bags before throwing them away.

Garbage Cafe: Plastic Lao Khana Khao

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has intensified its unique green initiative to protect the environment by setting up 23 more 'Garbage Cafes' where free meals can be availed on deposit of

Transport Ministry Proposes 'Green' Tax On Old Vehicles

A 'Green tax' will soon be imposed on older vehicles in a bid to clean up the environment by phasing out unfit and polluting vehicles.

Reliance to Build World’s Largest Zoo in Gujarat

Reliance is going to develop the world's largest zoo in Jamnagar, Gujarat. The zoo will have animal species from all over the world.

Drone Distributes Marijuana in Israel

A Telegram Group named “Green Drone”showered packets of marijuana in the capital city of Tel Aviv.

Hens Lay Green Yolk Eggs in Kerala

In a strange incident in Kerala, about six hens in a small poultry farm in Malappuram laid eggs with green yolks. Watch our latest video for all the details.

Ola Uber Resume Services

India is in the phase 3 of the lockdown and cab companies such as Ola and Uber have decided to start their services in Orange and Green Zones from 4th May.

What are Red, Orange & Green Zones?

The Union ministry of health and family has classified the country's districts in three zones - Red, Orange and Green based on the severity of the COVID-19 cases in their areas.

USA Will Not Issue Visa to Pregnant Women

Donald trump has introduced changes in immigration policies due to increasing number of birth tourism in the country.

Cow Farts Causing Climate Change

We all know that air pollution caused by vehicle is the main culprit for climate change. However, now researchers have found that farts and burps of cows have a higher percentage of deadly methane gas

11 Billion Tons of Ice Melts In a Single day

Global Warming is a real threat to our planet. The temperatures in Greenland increased so much that that 11 Billion tons of ice melted in a single day.

Green Crackers only for NCR says SC

The Supreme Court said that its order for Green Crackers is only for Delhi for now and not for the whole country.