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KBRD Successfully Hosts 2nd Cycling Event

Kerala Bicycle Riding for the Deaf successfully held a cycling event for the second time and this time there were female participants as well! To know more watch our latest video!

1st Time in Kerala Deaf Men Cycle to Spread Awareness

First time in Kerala a group of deaf men from Thrissur, Kerala hosted a cycling event from Thrissur to Chalakudy covering a distance of 35 KM.

Bicycle Services to Extend to 3 Mumbai Metro Stations

The bicycle rental service that was started at the Jagruti Nagar Metro station in Mumbai will now be extended to three other stations from 15th January.

87-Year-Old Travels 15 KMs in Pandemic To Treat Patients

Dr. Ramchandra practices Homeopathy and Ayurveda, traveled about 15 kilometres on his bicycle every day to visit his patients during the pandemic.