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Lok Sabha Election 2024: Big Wins, Losses and Surprises

The 2024 election results showcased dramatic losses, surprising victories, and notable upsets across India, reflecting a dynamic and unpredictable political landscape.

Election Results 2024: Check Which Party Won How Many Seats

BJP-led NDA emerges victorious in 2024 Lok Sabha elections, INDI Alliance puts up strong competition.

How to Check Your Name in Voters' List?

Learn to check your name in the Voters' List in our new video, ensuring readiness for the Lok Sabha Election 2024."

Transgender Voter Registration Through Voters Service Portal

Register as a transgender voter easily through the Voters Service Portal, ensuring inclusivity for the Lok Sabha Election 2024.

Is EVM Bulletproof and Technically Secure?

Explore EVM security in our next video, demystifying whether they're truly bulletproof and technically secure for the Lok Sabha Election 2024.

What is EVM and VVPAT?

"Learn about EVMs and VVPATs in our next video, simplifying these crucial aspects of the voting process for the Lok Sabha Election 2024."

How To Mark as PWD through Voter Service Portal?

Here's how to Mark as PWD through the online process availed by the Chief Electoral Office of Maharashtra/

How To Correct Particulars In Voter List Online through Voters Service Portal

Learn to correct your Voter List details online easily with our step-by-step tutorial, including Indian Sign Language (ISL) guidance, to prepare for the upcoming Lok Sabha Election 2024.

How to Login and Register on Voter's Service Portal

Learn how to register on Voter's Service Portal with Indian Sign Language interpretation for accessible voting in Lok Sabha Election 2024.

Congress Manifesto 2024 Highlights

Congress promises youth, women, and farmer empowerment, education reforms, and governance changes in Nyaya Patra manifesto for 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Election Commission Announces Lok Sabha Election 2024 Dates

The Election Commission announced the world’s largest poll; the Lok Sabha election dates on 16th March 2024. It will be held in 7 phases starting from 19th April till 1st June 2024.