International Week of Deaf 2021 Day 6: Deaf Culture and Arts

Today is the 6th day of the International Week of Deaf 2021! Watch our latest video to learn about the significance of today’s theme.

We are currently in the middle of the International week of the Deaf and today 25 September is the 6th day! 

As you all may know by now WFD has given a special theme for each day of the week. Today’s theme is -  Deaf Culture and Arts Deaf people regularly come together to share their language and culture. Deaf culture involves the behaviours, traditions, beliefs, values, history, humour, art that exists within Deaf communities. Deaf communities are proud of their linguistic and cultural identity and celebrate that regularly in many different ways.The Deaf Community in India must be proud of their culture and keep showing the world. We should be proud of our own Sign Language and share it with friends and family as well!