RDAD Distributes Food to 150 People in Jharkhand

Ranchi District Association of the Deaf, RDAD has distributed food packages to 150 Deaf individuals in such difficult times.

In Ranchi which is the capital of Jharkhand, there is an association named Ranchi District Association of the Deaf  RDAD, who's President is Manoj Kumar Waghela. He was also part of various associations. He was the Vice President of Jharkhand Sports Council of the Deaf Jamshedpur and was also the East Zone Member All India Deaf Bank Employee Association. RDAD's General Secretary is Sunil Kumar Singh and their Treasurer is Subhash Kumar Lath.

Deaf individuals in Ranchi were suffering due to the extension of the lockdown. This is because they stopped receiving salaries due to lockdown. Deaf individuals were struggling. They were running out of money for food. RDAD received many calls of people starving and struggling to make ends meet. A list of these names was compiled. RDAD approached six expert Board members., who brainstormed and agreed to extend their support. These individuals had video conferences and they decided to help Deaf individuals. RDAD had funds but they weren't sufficient.

They then approached WSD, which is the Woman Society of the Deaf. Their General Secretary is Jyotsna M Waghela. She agreed to support and collected a total of Rs 4,150. Still there weren't enough funds. A few Deaf members made contributions and then they had a good amount. Items such as rice, dal, detergent, soap, etc. was purchased. However they did not have a venue. Vishal Surekha is a member and has his own room. Everyone gathered here to make the packages. Have a look at these 10 individuals. They created 150 packages. The 6 individuals were each given a list of names. Who each went and distributed the packages.

When the RDAD board received many videos & e-mails, they saw that all the Deaf people in Ranchi were extremely grateful for RDAD, WSD and the various members that donated money. The news was even published in Ranchi's Newspaper. RDAD has said they wanted to support the Deaf and help eliminate COVID-19.