Railway Official Save Blind Woman’s Child on Tracks

Displaying rare courage and presence of mind, a Central Railway employee raced an oncoming express train to save the life of a young boy who had fallen on the railway track.

On 17th April evening at Vangani Station of Central Railway in Thane, the CCTV camera recorded a video which seemed to be out of a superhero movie and gave people goosebumps. Let me tell you about it. 

As per CCTV footage, a visually-handicapped woman is seen carrying a heavy rucksack walking on the platform when a 6-year-old child is accompanying her. The child suddenly seems to stumble and fall on to the railway tracks below. The mother began screaming and could be seen extending her arms to try and reach her child. But since she is blind, she was standing away from the platform's edge. The child tried to climb back on the platform but failed. As the child falls, you can see the Bengaluru-Mumbai Udyan Express train speeding on the same track. 

Mayur Shelke is a Railway Poinstman and it is his job is to check if train signals are functioning right. When the child fell on the track, Mayur heard the mother’s screams and immediately ran towards them. When Mayur was running you could see the train speeding towards him. Mayur hesitated for a second but he continued to run and pushed the child and himself on the platform. Barely a second later the train zoomed onto the platform,but both the kid and his guardian angel were saved by a hair's breadth.

CR Spokesperson Shivaji Sutar said the staffer is being rewarded for his alertness and daring which helped rescue a boy from certain death on the tracks. Further details of the blind woman and the minor boy, how they happened to be on the platform during the curfew norms, etc, are awaited, but Shelke's feat has made him a darling of social media. Asian Institute of Transport Development has announced a reward of Rs 50,000 for Mayur’s alertness & courage. Mayur said, “I was on duty when I saw the boy. For a second I hesitated but then I made my mind and rushed to save the child.”