Only Vehicles with Colour-Coded Stickers Allowed on Mumbai Roads

The Mumbai Police on Saturday have introduced a colour-coding system for vehicles engaged in essential services to ensure they do not get stuck in traffic jams or in arguments with the law enforcers.

The Maharashtra government issued strict rules in the states and introduced a 15 day ‘Janta Curfew’ as well. During this curfew only essential service people are allowed outside. However, the police have been unable to implement the new set of curfew rules, as officers are having to stop all vehicles and check whether the driver is an essential worker or a common man. This is leading to huge traffic jams, delays and the police have to act leniently, allowing some vehicles to pass without checking them.  In order to avoid such chaos, a new system was introduced by Mumbai Police Commissioner Hemant Nagrale effective Saturday 17th April evening.  

Vehicles engaged in providing essential services will be given three sets of colours. Red stickers have to be pasted on vehicles carrying doctors, nurses, medical staff, medicines, ambulances, test kits and all medical equipment. Vehicles transporting essential food items like vegetables, grocery, dairy products, fruits, bakery items and others would bear green stickers. Yellow stickers would be used by the rest of vehicles engaged in providing essential services like government employees in BMC, BEST, MTNL and the media among others. Vehicle owners will have to paste the sticker on their car’s front screen. Police officials can see the sticker and immediately allow the cars to pass without causing delays for the essential service person and also reducing traffic on the road. It will also help police catch non-essential vehicles. These stickers are being given free of charge at Nakabandis & Toll Nakas. The Mumbai police has said that. Those who try to misuse these stickers will be booked for cheating and given strict punishment.