Man Drugs Wife Every Night And Records Men Raping Her

A man in France has been accused of drugging his wife every night and then inviting men to rape her.

In 2020 in Avignon a city of France, a 68-year-old man was caught trying to film underneath women's skirts in a store and hiding cameras to film women in changing rooms. After he was arrested the police started investigating and found shocking details about him. A man named Dominique was married to Françoise for more than 50 years and the couple has three children. He came in contact with the men on an obscene internet site called "a son insu"  which means without him/her knowing. On this site, members discuss performing sexual acts on their non-consensual partners by drugging them. Dominique mixed the anti-anxiety drug Lorazepam into his wife's meal every night and then invited men to rape her. He would then invite the so-called 'guests' into their homes to carry out sexual acts on his sleeping and unsuspecting wife. He would put her on the bed naked and warm up the room so she wouldn't wake up. He would also park their vehicles near a school and walk in the dark to the house to avoid arousing neighbors' suspicion. He would instruct the men to undress in the kitchen so that they did not leave their clothes in the bathroom. He also asked the men to wash their hands in hot water to avoid sudden changes of temperature. The men were asked to tiptoe in and talk in whispers. 

Dominique had banned tobacco and perfume to avoid strong smells that could lead to his wife waking up. Dominique never used violence or threats to ensure the rapes took place. Each individual was free to stop the sexual act and leave. However, he had instructed them that if the victim moved at all they should leave. Dominique would record the sexual assaults and keep the footage on a USB drive in a file called "ABUSES", which is now with the police. The videos were found along with messages posted on casual sex meeting sites, inviting people to take advantage of his wife while she was knocked out by anti-anxiety drugs. The cops said that the alleged rapes took place between 2011 and 2020 i.e is almost 10 years and most men returned multiple times. Police have identified 92 cases of rape. 51 of those men were between the ages of 26 and 73. They have been arrested and charged with rape.  The police are looking for others. 
The men included a fireman, a lorry driver, a municipal councilor, IT worker in a bank, a prison guard, a nurse, and a journalist. While speaking to investigators, some accused claimed they had no idea his wife was not consensual. One person denied it was rape, saying: "It's his wife, he does what he likes with her." Dominique said that none of the men gave up the sexual acts on his wife despite knowing her state. Françoise who is also in her 60s learned of the rapes after police found the tapes. She said she had suffered gynecological problems, frequent fatigue, and absent-mindedness. Medical examinations also revealed she had been infected with four sexually transmitted infections. Dominique, however, told the investigating officials that he loves his 'saint' wife. His lawyer added that Françoise was 'his first love and in fact the only love of his life'. After knowing about the rapes, Francoise suffered from depression and has now filed for divorce.