Indian Jailed in Pakistan for 6-yrs Released

Indian man mistaken for a spy,is finally released by the Pakistani government after 6 years in Jail.

33 yr old hamid Ansari had entered pakistan illegally to meet a woman he was in love with. He met her on social media. He was arrested by the Pakistani authorities as they thought he was a spy. He has spent 6 years in  jail in Pakistan.

His Parents tried very hard to bring their son back. They would travel to Delhi to request the Pakistan High Commissioner to talk about their son’s case. His mother sold her house to make sure they had enough money to fight for their son.

Jatin Desai is an activist who helps Indian Fishermen who enter Pakistan by mistake and end up in jails. He helped Hamid’s parents to bring their son back. Earlier this month, The Indian government asked the Pakistan to immediately release him as he completes his punishment. On sunday Hamid completed his sentence.

He will be sent back to India today. His parents will receive him at Wagah border.

It is very rare that prisoners in both countries are allowed to return to their homes. The Indian Government is happy that Pakistan has taken a step forward. India is eager to bring back 370 fishermen who are in the Pakistani jails for entering pakistan by mistake.