Disha Ravi Granted Bail in Toolkit Case

A Delhi court today granted bail to 22-year-old climate activist - Disha Ravi - in connection with the farmers' protest-related "toolkit" case, which is being investigated by the Delhi Police.

22-year-old climate activist Disha Ravi was arrested on February 13 from her Bengaluru home by the Delhi police. According to the Delhi Police she had created a ‘Toolkit’ about the farmers' protest and was collaborating with the group called ‘Poetic Justice Foundation’, which is a Pro-Khalistan group. She has been in jail since then. During her bail hearing, Appearing for Ravi, lawyer Sidharth Agarwal said that she has no links with the Khalistan movement and she only advocates for  the environment and agriculture.He also said that she has not provoked farmers to protest in any way. 

The Delhi High Court has granted her bail saying that: Creating a WhatsApp group or editing a Toolkit does not mean you are breaking the law. There is nothing wrong in that. The court also said that there is no proof against Disha that suggests that she provoked farmers to protest on 26th January. She has no criminal history. Also citizens have the freedom of speech and can speak against the government’s policies if they wish. Because of these reasons, the court has granted her bail.