Cat Learned Sign Language for Its Deaf Owner

A video which was posted on Reddit is now going viral that shows a cat talking to his/her deaf owner in sign language- Watch full story

Pets are often considered as man's best friends framing the definition of trust and loyalty. In yet another incident which has gone viral on the internet shows how a cat managed to get more than just its human's attention by communicating with him through sign language. In the short video clip, a man and his cat are sitting at the dining table. The man is eating something when his cat taps his arm and signals that it wants to eat as well. The man was then seen feeding the cat what he was eating. However, the man didn't seem shocked by his cat's behavior. 

Today when the need to learn sign languages is well understood around the world, this video of a cat who has successfully managed to learn sign language inorder to communicate with its deaf owner is truly an inspiration for all of us to learn sign language and make it easier for our deaf friends to communicate. Sign Language can be learnt by people of any age. Babies too learn basic signs like milk, water etc. Anyone of you can learn sign language. If you are interested you can watch our ISH Shiksha words and join ISH Shiksha’s ISL courses as well.