Boy Dies In Hotel In Delhi From Electrocution

A group of boys from Dehradun travelled to Delhi for a Shooting Competition, but tragedy struck when one of the boys died from electrocution in the bathroom if the hotel the team was staying in.

A 15-year-old boy has died at an Oyo hotel in Delhi, the child was participating in a Shooting competition, the team which travelled from Dehradun included 5 other boys and their coach Amar Singh. On the day of the incident, the boy was taking a bath in his room when his roommate heard a shout, the door was locked and they could not get into the bathroom so staff entered through a ventilation window and found the boy unconscious. 

The coach was not at the hotel as he was watching a match at Tuglaqabad stadium at the time, the child was rushed to the AIIMS hospital, they suspect he died from electrocution. A spokesperson for OYO Hotels said they are fully cooperating with the police and are very saddened by this tragic incident. The hotel has been sealed and shut while the police continue their investigation.

Four of the Six boys returned home while two boys and the coach stayed to complete the competition The coach has registered a complaint with the police under section 304A (causing death by negligence) of the Indian Penal Code.