Australia PM Anthony Albanese Says Modi is The Boss!

Indians definitely know that Modi is the boss but look at how even the Australian PM agrees to that. Grand celebrations were done when Modi visited Australia. Here are all the details.

On 19th May 2023 Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarked on a six-day visit to Japan, Papua New Guinea, and Australia.  At the invitation of Japan’s prime minister Fumio Kishida, PM Modi visited Hiroshima from 19-21 May to attend the G7 Summit.

In Japan PM Modi also met US President, Joe Biden. Joe Biden said, ‘In June there is an India-US meeting and Modi will be coming to the US. I have planned a special dinner for PM Modi but it seems he is more famous than me and this is a big problem for me (joke). Everyone wants to come for dinner. There are no more seats left.’ The G7 sessions will provide a platform for discussions on various crucial subjects, including peace, stability, and prosperity of a sustainable planet, food, fertilizer, and energy security, health, gender equality, climate change and environment, resilient infrastructure, and development cooperation. Following the G7 Summit, PM Modi traveled to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. This was the first visit by an Indian prime minister to Papua New Guinea. He went there for the 3rd FIPIC meeting. Launched in 2014, FIPIC involves India and 14 Pacific Island countries. When PM Modi landed in Papua New Guinea, their PM touched PM Modi’s feet and sought his blessings. 

After Papua New Guinea, PM Modi flew to Australia on 23 May 2023. When he landed in Sydney, he was given a grand welcome. This was his first visit to Australia after he became PM in 2014. Many Indian people were waiting for him to land. They were cheering for him. Indians living in Australia were very happy to see him. Welcome Modi was written in the sky when Modi landed in Sydney. Reportedly 170 India took a chartered flight from Melbourne to reach Sydney for welcoming PM Modi. It is reported that the supporters were calling themselves 'Modi Airways'. 

Amongst the chaos 91-year-old Navamani Chandrabose, travelled from Melbourne to meet Modi. There are many Australians living in Australia and they have been waiting to see PM Modi for a very long time. For them he is more famous than any Bollywood or Hollywood celebrity. Buses packed with Indian people came all over Australia. People were chanting ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and dancing with the Indian flag. Thousands of Indians thronged Australia’s largest entertainment and sporting arena in Sydney to welcome Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 20,000 Indians had gathered at the event. Went Modi went onstage there was a huge applause. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese addressed the huge audience on stage. Albanese said, "The last time I saw someone on this stage was Bruce Springsteen (singer), and he did not get the welcome that PM Modi has got. Modi is the boss."  Both leaders gave a speech and spoke about the strong bond between India and Australia. 

Modi said, ‘India was the first to give vaccines to people so fast, we are the first in dairy products, we are number one in so many fields. Even though Australia is so far from India, India and Australia will always have a strong bond. Modi said that in the past hindu temples were vandalised in Australia. He said the Australian PM said this will not be tolerated and Australia will take strict action.’ 

 “Modi is the boss” made headlines in Australian newspapers the next day. What a proud moment for India! Modi also met many Australian leaders. Concluding his three-nation visit, PMM Modi arrived in Delhi on 25 May morning.