VDAD Contributes to CM's Fund & Distributes Food in AP

Three Deaf associations in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh worked together to distribute food to the poor as well as contributed to the Chief Minister Relief Fund.

In Andhra Pradesh's Vizianagaram district there is the famous Ganta Stambham clock tower. There is also a very famous fort in Vizianagaram. There is an association named VDAD which was founded in 1991. VDAD has been demanding the government for equal rights to Deaf individuals and other causes.Their President is D.S. Guptaji and General Secretary is P. Mahesh Babu. There is another association named VDSFD that encourages sports in Vizianagaram. There is another association named APHHEA that focuses only on employment. The three associations in Vizianagaram namely VDAD, VDSFD & APHHEA have been conducting programmes, lectures, sports events, etc. together. When PM Modi announced the lockdown, VDAD saw many poor people suffering on the road. They saw unemployed Deaf individuals struggling to survive, and the police working hard in the hot sun to manage the COVID outbreak. The three associations discussed and decided to extend their support. Two women from Andhra Pradesh's Women Association also got involved and agreed to support.

To order food supplies, 6 individuals from VDAD 3 from APHHEA and 4 from VDSFD took the responsibility to organise Biryani, water bottles, vegetables, rice, etc. Contributions were made by women, government, etc. However, the amount was not sufficient. They then approached SDAD for support. SDAD and VSAD also agreed and contributed funds. They were very happy to have received contributions from Andhra Pradesh Districts of Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam. They agreed and a cheque of 50% of the amount which was Rs 51,991 was given to the collector, MLA and MP. So that they can give it to the CM and help eliminate COVID-19. For the balance 50% they made a plan. From 4 villages in Vizianagaram they transferred money to the accounts of 4 executive members from each village. They then planned to distribute Biryani, water and provide rice, vegetables, etc to the Deaf who are suffering. The police and poor were also given food and water. It’s great that members, VSAD, SDAD and the three associations working with VDAD all cooperated with each other.