Karnataka Boy Eats Dangerous Smoking Biscuit

Food adulteration tragedies strike across India, prompting urgent action from authorities to ensure public safety.

Instances of food adulteration have been escalating, raising serious concerns about public health and safety. Recently, ISH News reported a tragic incident involving a 10-year-old girl named Manvi from Patiala, Punjab, who passed away after consuming her birthday cake.

On April 22nd, 2024, an update emerged regarding this case. The Patiala police announced their intention to conduct forensic tests on the suspected cake. Additionally, a raid was conducted on the bakery premises, where samples of cakes were collected for examination.

The test results revealed a startling revelation. Dr. Vijay Jindal, the District Health Officer, disclosed to the media that the cake samples contained unusually high levels of saccharine, an artificial sweetener commonly used as a substitute for sugar due to its lower cost.

Typically, saccharine is utilized in small quantities in food and beverages. However, elevated levels of saccharine can lead to rapid spikes in blood glucose levels and gastrointestinal issues.

Dr. Jindal clarified that the forensic report on the cake consumed by Manvi and her family is pending.

Authorities have taken swift action, informing the court of the findings and preparing to take legal measures against the bakery, including the possibility of imposing hefty fines.

In another distressing incident, a young boy from Chennai was reported to have died after consuming a smoked biscuit. However, upon verification by India Today, it was revealed that the incident occurred in Karnataka's Davangere during a fair on April 14th.

A viral video depicting the child's severe illness after consuming smoked biscuits prompted concerns about their safety. The child's father confirmed to India Today that his son was alive and well. Authorities shut down the kiosk selling the biscuits and notified the food security department.

The popularity of nitrogen-smoked biscuits, known for their unique appearance and effect, has raised questions about their safety. Mohan G Kshatriyan, an independent Tamil filmmaker and writer, expressed concerns over the dangers of liquid nitrogen, demanding a ban on these biscuits.

Adding to the string of alarming incidents, a one-and-a-half-year-old girl in Ludhiana, Punjab, experienced severe health complications after consuming expired chocolates purchased from a local grocery store.

The girl's family filed a complaint with the police and the state health department. Upon investigation, it was found that the grocery store had been selling expired items. Legal action has been initiated against the shop owner.

These incidents highlight the urgent need for stricter regulations and enforcement measures to ensure the safety and integrity of food products across the country. Consumers are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or products to the authorities promptly.