5 Men Given Life Imprisonment For Raping Deaf Girl

5 men arrested for raping a Deaf child in Chennai have sentenced to life. Watch our video for all the details.

In January 2018 an 11-year-old Deaf girl was raped by a lift operator in   He then then involved his colleagues who worked as plumbers and electricians inside the complex to rape the girl.The girl was raped by 17 people for 6 months. The girl then told her sister who had come home for a vacation in July 2018, that she was raped. The 17 men were arrested by the police under the POCSO Act. This case was a big shock to people in Chennai. 

On 3rd February a Special Women’s Court was hearing cases related to the POCSO Act. The court announced that out of the 17 people arrested, 5 will be given life imprisonment, 1 gets 7 years in jail and 9 other will get 5 years in jail.One of the accused has been acquitted and another died while in jail. 

Transgender activist and TV host Apsara Reddy, helped the family during the testing times and organised a protest march in Chennai.SHe said that, this punishment will be a deterrent for anyone who thinks about sexual violence against children.She said that, “These men should not be forgiven. So that the public knows people who commit such crimes will not be allowed any leniency. A child even being a survivor continues to suffer the scars of this abuse for a lifetime. Why should men serve limited time and be freed?”