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How to Wear Mask Without Smudging lipstick

Watch our latest video to learn about a few tried and tested hacks to prevent lipstick from smudging while wearing a mask.

Activities to Improve Memory

Watch our latest video to learn all the tips and tricks to boost your memory power.

How to Stop Overthinking?

Overthinking is the major cause of stress in the 20th century. Watch the video to learn tips and tricks to rid yourself of this bad habit and live a happy life.

The Mystery Bag

The Magician is back again with another magic trick! This time he shows the audience his strong sense of patriotism!

Magic Tricks Using Metal Rings

Our fabulous Magician is back with a spectacular magic trick using metal tricks.

Magician Returns with His Nifty Card Tricks

Our favorite Magician is back his infamous deck of cards. Don’t be fooled by the ordinary looking card, the Magician will not fail to surprise you with his amazing tricks!

The Magicians Mysterious Rope

The magician confuses two children with showing tricks using a rope.