UN Official Caught in Sex Scandal
Jun 30, 2020

In Israel’s Tel Aviv a video of man conducting sexual acts in the backseat of a UN car has gone viral

In Israel’s Tel Aviv a man was filmed with a sex worker conducting sexual acts in the backseat of a UN car. The Internet was shocked by a video of the man, and everyone thinks it is a United Nations official. According to a report in The New Humanitarian, the viral clip shows a man sitting on the backseat of a UN car with a woman in a red dress sitting across on the man’s lap. Both seem involved in sexual activity. There is no information on whether it involved payment or if it was consensual. The driver was not visible in the clip but a bald man sitting in the front seat is visible.

The report states that the plate of the car belongs to the United Nations Truce (Peace) Supervision Organization (UNTSO). After the video was widely circulated online, the UN has initiated an investigation into the case of sexual misconduct. UN spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric said that the video had "shocked and deeply disturbed" the UN.  

Dujarric said, "The behaviour seen in it is abhorrent. The UN has strict rules about sexual exploitation and abuse. This incident is the opposite of what we stand for.” Dujarric said the individuals in the video will be identified soon and action will be taken soon.

It also has a ban on paying for any kind of sexual acts. Investigations, in this case, are underway by the Office of Internal Oversight.