SpiceJet Engineer Dies in Freak Accident
The Times Of India
Jul 11, 2019

In a very unfortunate freak accident a 22-year-old SpiceJet maintenance worker died when the landing door that he was fixing accidently got shut.

Rohit Pandey is a 22-year-old working with SpiceJet as a maintenance engineer in Kolkata airport. On wednesday he was doing maintenance work on the landing gear of the aircraft while it was parked in the maintenance bay. He was standing on a stool and working. While working on the aircraft, the landing door accidentally got shut and he got stuck inside. His head and left arm were stuck inside the plane while the while the rest of his body was dangling outside. The airline staff and other technicians later found him and tried to open the landing door. However the failed. The fire brigade were then called. They broke the door and removed his body. By the time, they brought his body down he was already dead. 

Senior pilots and aircraft engineers say that there are two theories about what could have happened. One theory was that it was possible that Pandey forgot to install the safety pin would prevent the door from closing. The second was that maybe someone did not know Rohit was working under the aircraft and they closed the doors of the landing gear. Officials said Pandey should have been working with a supervisor and a helper but no one from the airline could confirm whether he was alone or part of a team. Rohit’s relatives blame that he died because of the airlines carelessness. He was the sole earning member of the family. The Kolkata Police, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and SpiceJet have all started their investigations to find out how Rohit died.