Seven Tigers Died in 12 Days
Jul 11, 2019

At Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve a severe conflict between humans and tigers has led to the death of three tigers. The death is suspected to be due to poisoning.

The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is located in the Chandrapur District and is 680 km from Mumbai. 

Recently a Tigress (5 years old) and her two cubs (1 year old) were found dead in the outskirts of the Reserve near a village. After investigation, they found that the a calf belonging to a villager was killed by a few village dogs. The man intended to take revenge and poisoned the calf carcass thinking the dogs might eat it and die. However the the three tigers ate the carcass and died. 

The man has been arrested. Pramod Nagre of ZEP an NGO said that, in this forest reserve there is a severe conflict between Men and Tigers. The villager must have had another intention of poisoning the calf. On 26th June as well 4 tigers had tigers. This year a total of 63 tigers have died. Madhya Pradesh has the highest tiger deaths with 18 deaths and the Maharashtra comes second with 14 tigers deaths till now. 2019 has been a bad year for tigers in this forest reserve. In the last 6 months, this is the second case of tiger poisoning.