Mona Singh Freezes Her Eggs At 34
Nov 28, 2020

TV actress Mona Singh revealed that she froze her eggs when she was 34 and wants to take it easy before having kids.

After marriage becoming a mother may not be a priority for everyone. That is okay but unfortunately, being childfree by choice is often ridiculed by our society. As our society believes a family is complete only when there’s a baby.Ignoring all this, TV actress Mona Singh has decided that having a child is not her only goal after marriage. In a recent interview with The Times of India, the actress revealed that she got her eggs frozen when she was 34 and wants to take  it easy before having kids. She said, “I have frozen my eggs and now I am free. I did that at the age of 34. Because I have gotten married now, I want to chill with my partner and travel the world with him. I have always travelled with my family or friends. I want to do that with my husband now. I love kids, I am not mentally prepared to have one. Later in life, I would definitely think about it”

Mona had gone to the gynaecologist with her mother. Mona added, “My mother was so happy when she heard about my decision. I had to take a few months break from work as the process involves a lot of mood swings. It took about 5 months for the process and now, I am free” Mona had not even rushed for marriage. Mona is now 39 and she got married to Shyam Gopalan in December last year. Mona said that we live in a new world where there is no age to get married. I was in no rush. I feel this was the best age for me to get married because a person is more evolved, experienced and has seen his/her share of ups and downs.” Now we should think about childfree by choice as normal and understand the choices couples make without being judgemental. We need to learn to respect privacy because it’s a personal choice.