Modi Orders Strict Action For Lockdown Violators
Mar 24, 2020

PM Modi ordered state governments to strictly enforce a lockdown since people and take strict action against those that violate it. Watch our latest video for all the updates.

A complete lockdown called the “Janta Curfew” was announced for Sunday for control of the spread of Covid-19. Heeding to PM Modi’s appeal of self isolation, millions of people in the country stayed indoors.On 23rd March the Central Government announced a lockdown in various states in India. Yesterday was the first day of the lockdown but many people ignored it. In states like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh, police circulated pictures of violators on social media by saying “These people are against the society as they will not stay at home.” Police confiscated vehicles of people found breaking rules in various states. 

PM Tweeted in Hindi that many people are not taking the lockdown seriously.He also said please save yourself and your family, follow orders seriously. Modi requested the state government to strictly force a lockdown. He said the State Government should see that people follow rules and laws. If anyone goes outside and breaks rules strict action must be taken. Punjab was the first state to announce a curfew because many people were ignoring the lockdown. Now the curfew in Punjab means if anyone broke rules and went outside the government would take strict action. 

Now even Maharashtra has announced a curfew. Soon other states will follow. However important services such as ATMs, hospitals, chemists, groceries, etc will be open.Please follow the rules of your local governments and stay at home.