Is Kim Jong-Un Using a Body Double?
May 9, 2020

Conspiracy theories of Kim Jong Un using a body double have flooded the internet. Watch our latest video to learn more.

There has been a lot of news about the Leader of North Korea,  Kim Jong Un for a month. Media and the governments around the world were very interested to know if he was dead or alive. He was last seen at the starting of April and then reappeared after 20 days. There were rumors circulating that he was in critical health and was brain dead. Kim Jong Un had been missing during the coronavirus pandemic. He then made a public appearance on 1st May. There was no explanation given about where he was for so long. This has led to a lot of conspiracy theories. However, people refused to believe the news that Kim is alive. Now they are sure that Kim is using a duplicate Earlier too dictators like Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussain had used many body doubles. Same way people think Kim is using a body double to make public appearances.

Twitter users are comparing Kim’s latest photos and earlier photos, especially comparing his teeth and ears to see if body double is used. International Business Times reported that Kim Jong has used body doubles many times. He often uses them to protect against assassination (murder/killing) attempts by his enemies. The report also says that while comparing it should be remembered that some of the photos are a decade old.  So heights, weight, build, and shape of teeth may vary.

Was it Kim Jong Un himself on 1 st May at the event or did he use a body double? If it’s a body double where is Kim? Is he dead? If he was alive, where was he for so many days? Answers to these, only time will tell.