India vs New Zealand Semi-Final Pushed to Reserve Day
Jul 10, 2019

The semi-finals between India and New Zealand has pushed to Reserve day due to heavy rains in manchester, England.

India played the first semi-final of the World Cup against New Zealand yesterday at the Old Trafford cricket ground in Manchester, England. New Zealand won the toss and chose to bat. Which meant India had to bowl. India’s bowlers played very well. New Zealand did not score a single run run till the 17th ball. They hit a boundary only in the 8th over. India took wickets slowly but New Zealand was never able to score many runs. With all 5 of India’s bowlers getting a wicket apiece. The match was stopped when New Zealand was at 211-5 from 46.1 overs due to rain. Till this point, India was in a very good position and could have kept them down to a score of 230-240. India would have easily been able to achieve this score. If India would have come out to bat, the match would have been decided as the per the Duckworth Lewis Stern System. However, it continued to rain and India could not play.  In case such a situation occurs in the semi-finals or the Finals there is a “Reserve Day”. 

This means India and New Zealand play again today. New Zealand will play the 23 remaining balls and India will come out and chase that score. If it rains again today then they will have to use the DLS system and calculate who will win. If there is a tie, the match will go to a “Super Over”. Each team will have 1 over to score the maximum amount of runs. The team that scores the highest wins. 

If the match is abandoned today and no cricket is played then India will go through to the Finals as they have higher points total in the tournament compared to New Zealand. The same rules will apply to the other semi-final on Thursday where Australia will play England. If this happens at the Finals and no team can win or complete a game even after the reserve day then both finalists will share the trophy. This has happened before at the 2002 ICC Champions Trophy. Where due to rains the match could not be completed and India & Sri Lanka shared the trophy.