India Slams Pakistan Over J&K Lies
India Today
Sep 11, 2019

At the UNHRC meet, India slammed Pakistan for continuously spreading lies about Pakistan. The Indian government strongly said that these issues were bilateral and international interference will not b

Earlier, Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi had told the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) that India is violating the human rights of people in Kashmir. Pakistan said that India converted J&K into a UT without following the constitution. The accused India of imposing a communication blockade and not giving information to the J&k people. Pakistan asked the UN to form a committee and investigate the situation in Kashmir.At the 42nd (UNHRC) meeting, Secretary (East) MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), Vijay Thakur Singh, said that Pakistan is lying about the situation in Kashmir. She even said that Pakistan Foreign Minister Qureshi is completely lying that there is violence in Kashmir. 

Vijay said that India has followed the rules in the constitution when they converted J&K into a UT. The Indian government is working hard to maintain peace in J&K. She said that the government is taking all steps to make sure the people of J&K are safe. Vijay said that Pakistan has been lying about Kashmir for years. But the world knows that Pakistan is main place in the world for terrorism and Pakistan is helping terrorists leaders stay in the country for years and are not catching them as well. 

She said that the India Pakistan issue is an internal matter and India will not accept any interference. The removal of Article 370 will make sure Indian laws will be applicable in  [Box 04 J&K and Ladakh. These will end gender inequality, better rights for minors (below 18 years) and make applicable rights to education, information, and work. The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) will be held in New York on 27th September. The whole world is very excited and nervous about this meeting as  PM Modi and PM Imran Khan will both be speaking on the same day.