ICC Bans Dhoni From Wearing Gloves With Army Logo
Jun 10, 2019

ICC bans MS Dhoni from wearing gloves with Army Insignia, even after BCCI tries to intervene.

In the ICC World Cup match between India and South Africa, MS Dhoni had a symbol on his gloves that was not recognizable. After the match people online realized that is was a dagger logo. The logo is of the India’s Parachute Regiment, who are a part of the Indian Armed Forces. In 2016 MS Dhoni trained with them and also did some skydiving with them. He was made an honorary lieutenant. The ICC said that only two manufacturer logos are allowed on the gloves and that you cannot have any political or racial signs or messages.

After the ICC asked the BCCI to make sure they logo will not be seen again, people on twitter were outraged and showed support for Dhoni to keep wearing the gloves. The BCCI requested the ICC to allow the symbol. They said that it is not a military dagar. And so not in breach of the regulations. The ICC rejected this saying it is still in violation of the rules. Dhoni will most probably wear the same gloves but have the symbol covered with tape. They have previously banned players for making political statements, such as Moeen Ali from England was banned in 2014 for wearing wristbands saying “Save Gaza” and “Free Palestine”.