Google Photos to End Free Storage from 1st June 2021
The Indian Express
May 31, 2021

Google Photos is updating its storage policy starting 1st June. Watch our latest video to learn more about it.

For a long time Google Photos allowed unlimited free storage for photos at High Quality resolution. However they are updating its storage policy. Starting from 1st June 2021, any new photos and videos you upload on Google Photos will be counted as part of your free 15 GB storage that comes with all Google Accounts. Once you exceed 15 GB, you will have to pay for storage. 

Photos and videos that have been uploaded in High Quality before June 1, 2021 will not count towards your 15GB free storage. It will be considered free and exempt from the storage limit set by Google. If you have used up your 15 GB free storage across Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos you will have to purchase additional storage in order to continue uploading photos at high-resolution. In India, users can choose from monthly and yearly plans. Google has stated that Pixel smartphone users will not be affected by the change in policy. These users will still be able to upload content in High quality from their device for free even after June 1, 2021 and not worry about buying extra storage.