Facebook To Double Women Staff By 2024
Mumbai Mirror
Jul 14, 2019

Facebook has now announced that they will double it’s female employees all over the world by 2024 in a bid to increase diversity and inclusiveness at Facebook.

Facebook has announced that they plan to double the number of women who work at Facebook by 2024.  This is part of their plan to increase diversity and inclusiveness at Facebook.They said currently women make up 36.9% of their global workforce. 2014 there were 31% women in senior roles now it has increased to 32.6%. But in technical roles, they are still lacking. There are only 23% of women with technical roles. 

Facebook said they are working hard to increase those numbers as well and putting most of their effort in finding more capable women and training them. They are also concentrating on hiring more people with disabilities, war veterans and people from many different ethnicities. Maxine Williams, Facebook’s chief diversity officer said they hope the company will soon reflect and better serve all the different people on their platform by hiring a lot of them to work at Facebook.